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Naruko Bonsai Feed - choose the amount to suit you

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Naruko Bonsai Feed - Chose the size to suit you

Naruko Slow Release Japanese Outdoor Bonsai Feed NPK 5:5:5

Naruko is a slow release organic fertilizer from Japan specifically for bonsai trees. As you water the feed is realeased so feed is consistant. An NPK of 5:5:5 means all aspects of your trees growth are catered for. Sprinkle the feed on the soil surface (as a guide a heaped teasspoon is enough for a standard 15cm bonsai pot) feed every 3-4 weeks or when the feed has dissapeared ,this is usually dependant orn your watering regime. Feed between spring and Autumn but do not feed your tree if it has recently been repotted or is not well.

Naruko is an organic feed so can look a bit unsightly as it starts to break down but it does feed your tree well (it is the only solid feed we use at the nursery) - if this is an issue you can use feed baskets

Please choose bag size from the drop down menu.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Adams
Bonsai fertiliser

Absolutely brilliant service, thank you very much

Phil Bishop
Great price Naruko

Product arrived as ordered , on time and at a great price….what more could you ask for ….. great job 👍

Ann Wheale
Naruko Feed

As normal great feed and fast delivery. Cannot fault anything we have purchased off you. Thankyou

Michael Suett
Excellent Service

Excellent Service. I ordered 5k of Naruko bonsai food, and it was delivered less than 24hrs from placing my order.
If that’s not great service, what is.Mike Suett.

Tony Nicholls

Naruko Bonsai Feed - choose the amount to suit you