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Seikatsu Bonsai

Large Shaped Chinese Juniper Bonsai tree - excellent movement and styling options SB1187

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Superb example of chinese Juniper Bonsai Material

Grown especially for Bonsai so there are multiple styling options and trunk movement , the foliage is tight and dense so convincing pads can be formed in the first styling

Style - Informal Upright

Dimensions (Approx)

Height including pot - 65 CM

Spread - 43 CM

Depth - 32 CM

Pot - round plastic training pot - 23 x 9 CM Approx

The tree pictured is the exact one you will receive.

All of our Bonsai are personally hand picked by us for quality and health and supplied direct to you for the best deal and the shortest possible supply chain ensuring the best health of the tree and complete traceability.

Please note that for the health of the tree we generally do not dispatch on a Friday as the tree will be packaged for 2 days longer than normal.