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Seikatsu Bonsai

Bonsai Tools and Tool sets - choose the set for you

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To keep your Bonsai in the best condition the tool sets are made up of the following components :-

Leaf pruners - ideal for defoliation or just general priuning of soft growth

Small Scissors - 120mm pair of Bonsai pruning shears to keep your favourite Bonsai in shape.

Wire Scissors - RS20 stainless steel wire scissors for small wire and branches

Pruning Scissors - 180mm carbon steel pruning scissors for small and medium branch pruning

Root Pruning Scissors - 180mm heavy duty pruning shears for roots or larger branches

Side cutters - for larger side braches , curved blades help larger cuts heal more easily and naturally

Knob cutters - despite the name these are for bonsai , used for cutting branch stumps and leaving an inset cut promoting healing

Wire cutters - ideal for larger sizes of bonsai wire

Root hook - for combing out roots when repotting

Scissor set 2 piece - 1 each of Pruning Scissors and Root pruning scissors

Scissor set 3 piece - 1 each of Small Scissors ,Pruning Scissors and Root pruning scissors

Wire Cutting Set 2 Piece - 1 each of Wire Scissors and Wire Cutters

Cutter Set 2 Piece - 1 each of Side Cutter and Knob Cutters

Cutter Set 3 Piece - 1 each of Side Cutter, Knob Cutter and Wire Cutters

Pruning Set 3 Piece - 1 each of Pruning Scissors , Side Cutter and Knob Cutters

Full set 7 Piece - 1 each of Small Scissors , Pruning Scissors , Root Pruning Scissors , Side Cutters , Knob Cutters , Wire Scissors and Wire Cutters

Full Set 7 Piece with Case - As above but with a zip up case for easy storage and transportation

Repotting set 1 - Root Hook and mesh

Repotting Set 2 - Root Hook mesh and 2mm Wire

Repotting tool - Heat hardened Bamboo tool - ideal for gentle soil removal and for settling the soil - I have used my one of these for 5 years and it is still good

Just choose the combination that suits your requirements

Suitable for all indoor and outdoor Bonsai .

Dispatched via 2nd class post

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mrs A Harpham
Great scissors

Great scissors, such good value, free postage too. Very quick delivery.

Good set of tools

A nice set of tools for a beginner - can't comment on useability until spring as they haven't been used yet. Loses 1 star for the case which doesn't seem to be a good fit for the tools.