Top 10 tips for beginners

Top 10 tips for beginners

Here are my top 10 tips for beginners

1 - Watering - as a rule of thumb too little is miuch worse that too much , keep an eye on the soil and keep it moist

2 - Positioning - look up the tree species and put sun lovers in the sun and shade lovers in the shade , sounds obvious but correct placing will help your tree immensley. If you are keeping trees indoors this is ebven more important , main points are not bu a radiator of on a window sill , look for somewhwere with an even temperature and light but not direct sunlight .

3 - Feeding - Bonsai have a very small amount of soil , they need feeding ! Buy a proprietary bonsai feed and follow the instructions or ask on one of the many online Bonsai forums.

4 - Practice - spend a small amount of money on garden centre stock and style it ,learn to wire etc. on material you can afford to lose.

5 - Styling - never assume the front of the Bonsai as presented in the pot is the best front , you may have a better idea

6 - Communicate - there are masses of online forums filled with knowledge , make use of them

7 - Trees - don't get carried away , even if you have the money to buy good trees ,wait until you have the skills to nuture and develop them

8 - Experiment - dont be afraid to experiment , visual learning is usually the best way just choose material that you can afford

9 - Friends - find some Bonsai friends , learning is more fun with others

10 - Teacher - I would say this I know but I personally spent a lot of years making mistakes before I found a teacher and learnt more in a year than I had in the previous 10 , Lessons are not cheap but they can significantly cut down your learning curve.

Happy Bonsai - ing !!
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